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Foundation Repair Installation Process


With such a specialized type of installation there are often lots of questions about the process. The Foundation Specialist will provide you with both verbal and visual representation of the exact process for your home. If you do have any questions specific to your home; just let us know what we can do to help clarify the process for you.

This L shaped bracket sits under the footing of your home for stabilization. Depth will very from home to home based on how deep your foundation and footings are. Our technicians do their best to preserve landscaping and will backfill when completed.


We can patch any installation with a fresh patch of concrete. The before and after photo is freshly dug foundation, ready for waterproofing. The after photo is after we've filled holes with concrete and fixed the yard.

A conscientious installer will carefully removed the sod or decorative plants near the house where each excavation is specified. The landscape material will be stored and protected. In addition, the soil that is removed during excavation will be placed on a plastic, or another material, to preserve the soil. After the work has been completed, the soil and plant materials will be returned to the original locations. Not only will your landscaping look the same after the work, but the site will be clean and neat.

Let your foundation repair specialist know if you have any concerns.


Sometimes we need to go in the home to fix the foundation problem at hand, such as an interior load bearing wall sinking. This isn't our preferred method, as flooring will have to be torn up.

Through this process, you do not have to pack up and move out. Everything is completely safe, and other than possibly being annoyed by hand tools noise levels, there's no risk to staying in your home while we repair it.

If you are in need of POLYcrete installation inside the home our technicians will pull back any carpet and do their best to preserve its integrity. However any other type of flooring will need to be removed either by the home owner or a third party company if intending to reuse the current flooring. The specialist can discuss these options with you about what BASEco will and will not do demolition on.

Do you have any questions regarding foundation repair and the process and what it means for you as the live-in homeowner? Don't hesitate to reach out! You can contact us here.

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