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Fixing a Sinking Foundation

Anytime we pour a concrete foundation, we want it to sit level forever. If the concrete slab ever loses its level seating, it can be fixed with slab jacking.

What is slab jacking?

Slab jacking is a method for lifting a side of the concrete slab so it can sit level again. It doesn’t require breaking up the concrete and creates very little debris.

In homes with basements and crawl spaces, jacks can raise the foundation. But when the house sits on concrete slab, the whole slab cannot be lifted.

So how does slab jacking work?

First, holes are drilled into the foundation, about half an inch in diameter.

Next, stable materials are pumped into the holes. When this material consists of natural materials, it creates a muddy slurry and is known as mud jacking. Polyurethane foam is a popular alternative to mud.

Mud is less expensive than poly foam, but foam is often the better solution.

The benefit of polyurethane foam in slab jacking is that the slab is not raised by the pressure from the pump. Instead, the polyurethane foam expands and slowly raises the foundation.

And unlike the natural materials used for mud jacking, polyurethane foam is also resistant to erosion.

Once the raised slab sits level again, workers plug the holes that they drilled at the start.

Additional Foundation Repair Solutions

We also offer a wide range of additional services designed to prevent and remedy severe foundation damage. Learn more about our foundation repair solutions, or contact us today for a free estimate.

Carbon Fiber Strips

Carbon fiber strips are used to support and relieve pressure on bowing walls. They can also be used for crack repair. Carbon is among the strongest materials in the world, making these strips can be an effective and affordable alternative to major repairs.

Basement Wall Anchor Systems

Our basement anchor systems reinforce your basement walls where bowing, deterioration, or other damage has occurred. These anchors are inserted through the walls to provide stability and structural integrity.


Tuckpointing is the process of replacing the mortar between the bricks in your foundations to ensure that it is properly sealed and maintained. This is a great way to prevent water from penetrating your home and causing further damage.


Underpinning is an advanced solution for foundations that need extra support due to damage or additional load-bearing, such as an addition. Underpinning increases the depth of the foundation by inserting pins under the structure to provide extra stability.

Foundation Shims

Foundation shims are thin steel strips that are used to reinforce the underside of the foundations when homes are built on concrete slab foundations. These shims can help make your home more level while strengthening the foundation.

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