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Can I get my home foundation repaired in the winter?

You may be wondering what time of the year is the best time to get your foundation repaired, especially if you live in a state with snowy winters. The short answer is you probably don't want to delay any repairs and most foundation repair contractors can work through any season.

The long answer is that each season poses its own pros and cons list.

In the winter, the ground is colder so it's more solid and therefore provides better stabilization for your sinking or unlevel home. However, snow storms can delay repairs.

Spring is a great time to get damage assessments scheduled because heavy spring rains will show any water damage or leaks in the foundation and show your professional foundation repair team where the weakest points are. As we're coming into spring, don't forget to schedule a call with Superior Foundation Repair to check out your homes structural integrity.

With that said, the right time to make a calla bout any foundation concerns is now.

You can listen to any expert you want, but the truth is, the best time to worry about repairs is as soon as possible. Waiting for a certain time of year, or specific conditions to be met, only allows the problem to grow worse. It’s also important to remember that since you are not an expert yourself, what looks to be a minor situation to you could be a much bigger and potentially catastrophic problem if it’s left unchecked. If you have foundation problems, damage, or even suspect that there’s an issue, now is the time to look into getting it resolved. If you aren’t sure, read our F.A.Q.

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