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Foundation Stabilization

Common signs of potential foundation issues.

What we do to secure your foundation.

Helicals, also known as pile, is the most common method of dealing with a structure settling. Think of a helical as a large screw that is twisted into the ground. Once the helical is in place, we take a bracket specifically designed to fit under the structure's foundation. Once this is done, the load of the structure will be supported by the helical.

Waterproofing is crucial to the life of the foundation. Concrete is very porous; moisture will seep into the concrete causing rebar to rust and minerals to be deposited. Once this occurs, the expanding rusted rebar begins to break the foundation from the inside out. At the same time the deposited minerals are breaking down the concrete, turning the foundation into gravel. To prevent this and/or remediate, the foundation must be excavated, cleaned, and all cracks filled in. After that a rubber-like material is applied followed up with an acrylic concrete protective coating, protecting the membrane from the back fill.

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