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concrete lifting and repair 

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Concrete Repair Services

The skilled contractors at Superior Foundation Repair are concrete leveling experts who can lift and stabilize your concrete slab with our proven polyurethane foam injection system.

Poor drainage, erosion, settlement and heaving can all lead to problems with concrete surfaces and slab foundations. A variety of solutions may be available depending on the specific problem being evaluated. A slab foundation for your home may involve helical piles being installed. Driveways, steps, and concrete patios can be repaired with a variety of techniques and products including polyurethane foam injection, mudjacking, soil injection and compaction grouting. These services can be installed without demolition and at a fraction of the cost of replacement.

Common Signs of 

driveway and sidewalk issues

What we do to repair your driveway or sidewalk.

Slabjacking is a specialty concrete repair technique. A polyurethane foam is injected into voids under concrete, lifting and stabilizing the slab. The goal of this technique is to make existing concrete better than it was without the cost of having new concrete poured.

Now offering financing options through Mountain America! Ask your sales rep for details.

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